​Meet the Creators


​Just like you, and so many of the women we meet, we have many passions, roles and interests.  When we got the great idea to combine them all together, we felt like our whole lives suddenly made sense.  Our love for learning, growth, spirituality, beauty, books, travel, fashion, wine, coffee and helping others is what Our Blush Life is all about.  You know, all the things you love too!

We started off together in 2006 with an idea and a can-do attitude and Blush, our clothing business was born.  Thirteen years, a couple moves and many other business ventures later, we still agree that we made the best business partners ever.  No drama, lots of laughing and tons of deep and shallow discussions about everything under the sun.  And the most important part FUN & FRIENDSHIP!!!

Vanessa's black and white firmly rooted view point and Dana's every shade of grey outlook, perfectly compliment each other and keep us always finding new things to learn and discuss.  Our strong faith in God is a constant and our love for our family, friends, and dogs (despite Dolly's shedding) is always in the forefront.  


Come along with us as we share our lives and passions and constantly find new things to see, learn, debate, love and laugh about.  Get ready for us to bring to you the unabridged versions of the glamorous life of Dana and the breaking away from the Suzy homemaker life of Vanessa.  


In all of these years, our motto hasn’t changed, if it isn't fun, we just won’t do it.

With Love,

Dana & Vanessa